10 FREE Picnic Table Plans

10 FREE Picnic Table Plans

Use these free picnic table plans to create a beautiful table for your backyard, patio, or any other place around your home where you need seating. Creating a picnic table is an easy task that makes the wonderful weekend project without breaking the bank. The picnic table is perfect for those who like eat breakfast or spend leisure time in the open air. Especially if you often invite family and friends to a garden party or barbeque at home.

Free Picnic Table Plans:

Kids Pallet Picnic Table

1. Kid’s Pallet Picnic Table – Pallets are easy to find and usually perceived as waste. However you can make from them a very useable and cute table. Instructions at instructables

door to picnic table

2. Door to Picnic Table – I love the color choices and the words, very unique! Great project for an outdoor table on a small budget. Get the instructions at Stacey Embracing Change

2 piece convertible picnic table

3. 2 Piece Convertible Picnic Table – Table can be turned into two benches. Brilliant! Step-by-step instructions at Buildeazy

Classic American Picnic Table

4. Classic American Picnic Table – With this plan you can expect to spend four hrs and under $100. Get the instructions at This Old House

5. Wayne of Woods Free Outdoor Picnic Table Plan – Nicely finished picnic table can comfortably seat six grownups and provide years of service. Get the instructions at Wayne Of The Woods


  1. Can you show me were these plans are free, the 2 piece convertible picnic table wants $5 to download the plans.

    • Probably were free 2+ years ago when this was written but not free any longer.

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