12 Clever Ways to Create More Privacy in Your Backyard

Living within close proximity to neighbors can be fun sometimes when we need some good company. But there are moments that you needed more privacy to relax and get away from it all. Fortunately there are many affordable ways to keep your privacy and still make your backyard look naturally beautiful. Here are 12 ways to create more privacy in your backyard.

1. Use Wine Bottles as Unique and Whimsical Privacy Screen

Tutorial via pasadenaadjacent.com

2. Create Privacy and Shade to a Covered Porch Simply by Layering Hanging Pots

Via: gardencams.blogspot.com

3. Keep Your Privacy, by Putting Some Soil and Plants on Your Old Pair of Jeans

Created by Tom Ballinger at: upcycledgardenstyle.blogspot.ie

4. Turn Old Window Into a Privacy Wall Instead

Via: alexandriasdesignstudio.blogspot.com

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