15 Brilliant Ways To Keep Your Jewelry Organized

6. Coat Hanger Jewelry Holder

Coat Hanger Jewelry Holder

Repurpose wooden hangers to make a jewelry organizer. You will need some small hooks on which you can hang your earrings and everything else. (Tutorial: Morning Creativity)

7. Plaster Hand Ring Holder

Plaster Hand Ring Holder

Instead of buying ring holders, why not just make your own whimsical plaster hand to keep your rings and bracelets organized? (Tutorial: Fashion Diva Design)

8. Hideaway Jewelry Storage

Hideaway Jewelry Storage

Now this is a great hideaway jewelry cabinet that has a mirrored door and it matches perfectly wherever you have room on the wall. (Tutorial: Shanty 2 Chic)

9. Utensil Holder Jewelry Stand

Utensil Holder Jewelry Stand

Add some “mini” hooks to the holder and You have a spot for necklaces to hang and holes to hook earrings through. (Tutorial: My Sister’s Suitcase)

10. Jewelry Bust

Jewelry Bust

Here is great project for bulkier necklaces which won’t fit in the jewelry box. (Tutorial: Design Sponge)

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