15 DIY Toilet Paper Holder Ideas

11. A Toilet Paper Holder made out of Hockey Sticks

Source: mancaveauthority.com

12. Clothes Hanger Toilet Paper Holder

All you need is a wire hanger. Full Tutorial: makingcooleystuff.blogspot.com

13. Concrete ‘Tissue holder’

Full Tutorial: instructables.com

14. Toilet Paper Holder made from driftwood, twine and two screws

Image source: flickr.com

15. Twig Toilet Paper Holder

Full Tutorial: peralehood.com

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  1. I used to use a wooden kitchen paper pole until one friend decided she didn’t wanted to use the top, part used role and took the second role. She then put this new roll on top where upon the part used roll made the top roll push up into a cone .

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