16 Awesome DIY Rugs to Brighten up Your Home

16 Awesome DIY Rugs to Brighten up Your Home

Rugs are one of the must-have accessories for any interior decor. They can serve to improve the interior design or as a designated play or reading area and also to offer comfort. There are numerous rug designs which you can find in stores, but there are also many rug designs which you can make yourself, which will definitely help you save some money. These DIY projects are really easy to be completed and they won’t take much of your time. They’re quite versatile, so that every one of you can find the right rug for your lovely home. Have fun!

1. Rope Rug

rope rug

Take crocheting to the next level with this cute rope rug. This project includes a downloadable pattern so you can create your own 4-foot rug. Tutorial: whollyKao

2. Crocheted t-shirt Yarn Rug

Crocheted t-shirt Yarn Rug

Recycle your old t-shirts and make a great rug. More details: Creative Jewish Mom

3. Crochet Heart Rug

Crochet Heart Rug

Use this free crochet heart rug pattern and create a gorgeously plush rug which you will love forever. Free pattern at Stitch Craft Create

4. Dropcloth Rug

Dropcloth Rug

Make your own rug from a drop cloth. Get the instructions at Very Paige

5. Geometric Rug

Geometric Rug

Make your own geometric rug with this easy step-by-step tutorial via Pretty Nice

6. Chevron Painted Rug

Chevron Painted Rug

Transform your rug from boring, to spectacular by painting chevron stripes. Tutorial: The House of Smiths

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