17 Creative Ways To Repurpose Rain Gutters

Old and unused rain gutters can be repurposed into many interesting projects for your home and garden. Made from aluminum and plastic gutters are easy to modify only with basic tools and and their U-shaped designs create a host of unique possibilities.

Here are 17 clever ways to repurpose rain gutters that are no longer in use on your home.

1. Repurpose Gutters into Hanging Planters

Get the instructions at pgeveryday.com

2. Rain Gutters as Cable Management Tools

End of tangled cables behind the desk. Get the instructions at lifehacker.com

3. Rain-gutter Trees

Rain gutters are shallow containers, so they can be perfect for the growth of strawberries. Source: gardenbytes.com

4. Rain Gutters Wall Shelves

So neat and such a great way to hold the books.

Source and more details: homestoriesatoz.com

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  1. Love the last one!

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