18 Creative Ideas To Decorate Your Home With Letters

7. Wine Cork Letters

wine cork letters

Create works of art out of wine corks. Tutorial: A Smith of all Trades

8. Moss Covered Letters

Moss Covered Letters

They look great in your home and bring a bit of the outside in without the upkeep! Tutorial: The Bride Link

9. Burlap Covered Letters

Burlap Covered Letters

A perfect home decor accent for a personalized touch to your home! Tutorial: Uncommon Designs

10. Metal Letters

Metal Letters

Antique metal letters for any room in your home. Tutorial: Liz Marie

11. Cereal Box Letters

Cereal Box Letters

Make a letter wreath out of a cereal box. Tutorial: A Smith of all Trades

12. Create Faux Zinc Letters

Faux Zinc Letters

They look just like the more expensive anthro ones! Tutorial: Lolly Jane

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