15 DIY Lanterns To Illuminate Outdoor Areas

9. Twine Lanterns

Twine Lanterns

Turn simple twine and twinkle lights into gorgeous outdoor lanterns. It looks absolutely amazing! (Tutorial: Splash of Something)

10. Watercolor Paper Lanterns

Watercolor Paper Lanterns

Add a splash of colour to your outdoor seating area with these watercolor lanterns. (Tutorial: Four Flights of Fancy)

11. Wine Bottle Hanging Lantern

Wine bottle hanging lantern

This lovely bottle lantern will be a welcome addition to any garden, outdoor living space, patio or porch. (Tutorial: Instructables)

12. Pottery Barn inspired Hyannis lanterns

Pottery Barn inspired Hyannis lanterns

Love the added knob. It makes it so much more substantial. (Tutorial: A Lo and Behold Life)

13. Tuna Can Lantern

Tuna Can Lantern

Use an old tuna can and glass containers or vases to create stunning outdoor lanterns. (Tutorial: In My Own Style)

14. Glowing Orbs

Glowing Orbs

Illuminate your garden with this easy set! This DIY project takes just 3 minutes to do, costs just $3, and uses only two materials! (Tutorial: The Art of Doing Stuff)

15. Wine Bottle Torch

Wine Bottle Torch

Open flames create wonderful ambience, and they keep bugs at bay. (Tutorial: Design*Sponge)

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