Knitting Without Needles: 15 Simple and Fun Finger Knitting Projects

11. A finger knitting door curtain with bells

A finger knitting door curtain with bells

It would look perfect adorning the entrance of a child’s room. (Tutorial via Flax & Twine)

12. Finger knitted flowers

Finger Knitted Flowers

They would look beautiful as the centerpiece on your dinner table. (Tutorial via The Magic Onions)

13. Animal ears

Animal Ears

These would be adorable for a newborn photo shoot! (Tutorial via The Kurtz Corner)

14. Wired word for your wall

Wired Word for Your Wall

Quick and easy decoration for your blank walls. (Tutorial via Design Mom)

15. Finger knit necklace

Finger Knit Necklace

Create a stunning necklace that will wow all your friends! (Tutorial via Thanks, I made it)

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