10 DIY Baby Gates for Stairs

10 DIY Baby Gates for Stairs

If you have a child or a pet that you need to keep away from an unsafe area this can be a great DIY project for you! Of course, baby gates you can purchase in the store but they aren’t long enough, they are too high, not cute or cost too much. To help you get started we have gathered some great DIY baby gates for stairs ideas, to keep your children safe from common household dangers.

1. Fabric Baby Gate

Fabric Baby Gate

This stair gate is perfect for odd shaped spaces where a straight, plastic gate simply won’t fit. Additionally, you can modify it to fit with your home’s decor.

Tutorial: The DIY Playbook

2. PVC Gate

PVC Gate

That gate just rests between the spindles of the stairs. You can slide it back and forth to get through. Tutorial: Sew Many Ways

3. Barn Door Baby Gate

Barn Door Baby Gate

Made by Lesley Wgraham and inspired by a plan by Remodelaholic.

4. Pallet Baby Gate

Pallet Baby Gate

Totally cute and functional. Looks so much nicer than those plastic things.

Tutorial: Little Lucy Lu

5. The Little Red Door- Baby Gate

The Little Red Door- Baby Gate

Nice reuse of materials! They are made from old kitchen doors, so they are very inexpensive. Tutorial: The Girls with Glasses


  1. If you want to it yourself just look for woodprix website. There is all you need to make it 🙂

  2. I personally love the Little Red Door. Such a cute one for babies and toddlers! The wooden baby pallet gate it also awesome although it might not be recommended for very little kids yet, but really pretty! I’ll be sharing this on my page if you don’t mind. 🙂 Thanks!

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