12 Cool Ways to Decorate Mugs

Enjoy drinking your coffee from your self made coffee mug

Whether you are a coffee or a tea lover, I’m sure all of you must have at-least one mug at home. BUT do you like your mug? Is it boring, lifeless? By using these ideas you can personalize your mugs in no time! Customized mugs are also a very nice idea for a gift you might like to give to a close friend. Here are 12 fantastic ideas on how to make them fabulous!

1. Gold Paint Drip Mug

Paint Drip Mug DIY

(Tutorial: Make and Fable)

2. Hand-painted Valentine’s Day Mugs

Hand-painted Valentine's Day Mugs

(Tutorial: SheKnows)

3. Chalkboard Mug

Chalkboard Mug

(Tutorial: Wit & Whistle)

4. Paw Print Coffee Mug

Paw Print Coffee Mug

(Tutorial: The Bark Post)

5. Eyelash and Cactus Mug

Eyelash and Cactus Mug

(Tutorial: Enthralling Gumption)

6. Emoticon Mugs

emoticon mugs

(Tutorial: No. 2 Pencil)

7. Abstract Brushstroke Mug

Abstract Brushstroke Mug

(Tutorial: The Sweetest Occasion)

8. Dalmatian Print Mug

Dalmatian Print Mug

(Tutorial: Boxwood Avenue)

9. Gold Glitter Mugs

gold glitter mugs

(Tutorial: The Sweetest Occasion)

10. Colorful Mustache Mugs

Colorful Mustache Mugs

(Tutorial: Crafts by Amanda)

11. Heart Mug Wraps

Heart Mug Wraps

(Tutorial: The Proper blog)

12. Gold Confetti Dipped Mug

Gold Confetti Dipped Mug

(Tutorial: Lines Across)

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