12 Creative DIY Hanging Chairs Projects

12 Creative DIY Hanging Chairs Projects

Whether you want to kick back in your backyard or chill in your living room, a hanging chair will be the perfect spot to relax. However hanging chairs are a bit expensive especially those that have beautiful designs. What if you just create something on your own? Yes, that’s actually possible! What is great in just making it is that you can’t just save money but you could choose the design that you really like. So, if you want to make a hanging chair by yourself, here are 12 creative ideas for you!

1. Hammock Chair

Hammock Chair

That is supercute and looks so comfy! I like that the print of the fabric are different on both sides. Get the tutorial at A Beautiful Mess

2. Hanging Lounge Chair

Hanging Lounge Chair

Fabric, wood and rope can be turned into a wonderful hanging chair.

Tutorial via The Merrythought

3. Hanging Chair from a Pallet

Hanging Chair from pallet

Very easy to make chair from a pallet and some paracord. Tutorial via Instructables

4. Hanging Chair for a toddler

Hanging Chair for a toddler

A simple hanging chair without any wooden or metal parts. Only fabric and rope is needed. Tutorial via BurdaStyle

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