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12 EASY Clothespin Crafts You Will Love to Try

Clothespins have a many different crafty uses, not just for hanging the wash. It’s so much fun to create something cool out of a simple household item. They can be used for a variety of adorable and creative things, such as: clothespin chandelier, candle holders, plant markers, clothespin mirror and more.

So, if you are looking for inspiration, we gathered 12 EASY clothespin crafts you will love to try!

1. Make a clothespin chandelier

So fun and so awesome. Full Tutorial:

2. Clothespin planter and candle holders

Here is a really clever idea for making stylish planters or candle holders. Full Tutorial:

3. Clothespin backdrop for a Party

Full Tutorial:

4. Turn humble clothespins into cute plant markers

..with the help of washi tape. Full Tutorial:

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  • Sheila Hotchkiss Rowland

    I use clothes pegs for all sort of functions from closing bread bags to keep it fresh, to holding things together while I put together a craft project, to hanging those same craft projects, to keeping papers clipped together……..