15 Amazing DIY Chicken Coop Plans, Designs and Ideas

15 Amazing DIY Chicken Coop Plans, Designs and Ideas

Making your own chicken coop can be a incredibly rewarding experience. These totally free chicken coop plans that we have gathered are simple to follow and can be created in a relatively short period of time with very little equipment. I think having backyard chicken coop is a good idea for everyone with a small yard.

Check out these amazing DIY chicken coop plans and decide which one fits you best!

1. The Palace Chicken Coop by MrSteamyKitchen

The Palace Chicken Coop

Free plans: Backyard Chickens

2. Deluxe Chicken Coop that Has More Automation Than Most Homes

Deluxe Chicken Coop

Get the details at Viralnova

3. Awesome Chicken Coop that Mimics the Classic Red Barn

Awesome Chicken Coop That Mimics the Classic Red Barn

Free plans: The Home Depot

4. Chicken Coop by Tinkering Lab

Chicken Coop

Get the instructions here

5. Urban Chicken Coop with an Outside Area

Urban Chicken Coop

Free plans: The Tangled Nest

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