15 Awesome DIY Garden Benches

15 Awesome DIY Garden Benches

Have you got a spot where you would like to sit and get pleasure from your backyard efforts? I consider the garden bench is excellent for that. I really love garden benches because they can be easily moved, accommodate a thoughtful spot without blocking the garden itself. So, if you want to fill your garden space with less costly and comfortable bench, you need to check these amazing and fun ideas to build your own furniture.

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1. Pallet Wood Bench

Pallet Wood Bench

You can find pallets everywhere so why not try to build this super cool and modern pallet bench for your backyard? Tutorial at Upcycled Ugly

2. Cinder Block & Wood Bench

Cinder Block & Wood Bench

You can build this amazing bench in an hour! Tutorial at Kaylas Basement

3. The Two-chair Bench

The Two-chair Bench

Take old chairs along with some planks and build this beautiful garden bench.
Via MakandJill

4. Storage Bench

Storage Bench

This bench is perfect if you want to store some things. It gives you a place to not only sit and relax but to stay organized as well. Tutorial at Ana White

5. Build a Garden Bench from a Bed

Build a Garden Bench from a Bed

Before you throw your old bed away, take a look at this brilliant DIY project.

Tutorial at Little House in the Suburbs

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