15 Brilliant Ways To Keep Your Jewelry Organized

15 Brilliant Ways To Keep Your Jewelry Organized

We all love wearing jewelry, but keeping them organized is a real challenge. If you keep all your jewelry in boxes, the necklaces will get tangled and you will have bit of a trouble finding the piece you need. It’s not practical, but there are many options for this problem, most of which are quite simple. Here are 15 DIY jewelry holders and organizers that will keep your jewelry sorted and organized for good!

1. Driftwood Necklace Holder

Driftwood Necklace Holder

Make a necklace organizer using a piece of driftwood and knobs. (Tutorial: Visibly Moved)

2. Painted Twigs

Painted Twigs

This colorful jewelry holder is made from a wooden board and some twigs. (Tutorial: Rebeccas DIY)

3. Framed Jewelry Displays

Framed Jewelry Displays

Take an old photo frame, add some wire mesh and make an interesting jewelry display for your earrings. (Tutorial: My Calicoskies)

4. Cheese Grater Earring Display

Cheese Grater Earring Display

This is very smart and unusual! Just paint a grater on your favorite color and you can hung your earrings. (Via: Katrinshine)

5. Jewelry Tree

Jewelry Tree

Make Your own tree display by painting some fallen tree branches and arranging them nicely in a vase. (Via: My So Called Crafty Life)

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