15 Creative PVC Pipe Projects For Your Yard and Garden

11. Child’s Sprinkler

Child’s Sprinkler

This Pvc child’s sprinkler idea will provide your kids so much fun for minimal cost. Tutorial: HomeSpun Threads

12. Fold-Down Greenhouse

Fold-Down Greenhouse

Make this fold-down greenhouse with PVC pipes to protect your plants from frosts and cold weather! Tutorial: Bonnie Plants

13. PVC Pipe Vertical Planter

PVC Pipe Vertical Planter

This PVC pipe vertical planter tower is a perfect way to grow strawberries, and saving spaces. Tutorial: Urban Green Space

14. PVC Watering Grid

PVC Watering Grid

This PVC watering grid will help save you a plenty of time watering your garden. Tutorial: Square Foot Gardening

15. Easy PVC Tomato Trellis

Easy PVC Tomato Trellis

Create these simple but sturdy tomato trellis’ for use in a 4 foot wide garden box. Tutorial: Home Spot

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