15 Creative Ways To Repurpose and Reuse Old Windows

They can become so many amazing and useful things other than just being a window. You can repurpose and reuse old windows to decorate your home in different creative ways as you like. For example, a vintage window can be turned into: a large photo frame, headboard or coffee table and more.

Here you will find 15 interesting ideas to help you reuse them. We hope, will be helpful for you.

1. Use Some Old Windows as a Shower Door

Image source: designsponge.com

2. An Old Window Photo Collage

What a great way to display family photos. Full Tutorial: thethriftinessmiss.com

3. Create a Gallery Collection of Old Windows

Hang window frames of various shapes, sizes, and colors to brighten up your empty wall.

Image source: apartmenttherapy.com

4. Old Window Transformed into a Unique Seating Chart

Perfect for a rustic wedding. Source: projectwedding.com

5. Jewelry Organizer

Upcycle your personal style with a vintage window repurposed as an accessories organizer.

Tutorial: brit.co

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