15 One-Day Garden Projects Anyone Can Do

15 One-Day Garden Projects Anyone Can Do

Looking for garden projects to make your green space more productive and more beautiful? Ideas on how to improve your backyard landscape are endless, but even small, easy, one day projects can do the trick and really make a difference.

Here are 15 DIY garden projects that should not be difficult to realize for anyone.

1. Pallet Walkway

Create a pallet wood garden walkway

This cute garden walkway took about an hour to create. (More details: Funky Junk Interiors)

2. Garden Bench

Garden Bench

This wonderful bench will brighten up your garden and turn it into a cozy and quaint place to relax. (Tutorial: Instructables)

3. Flower Pallet Garden

Flower Pallet Garden

Enhance your outdoor entertainment space with this vertical pallet garden! (Tutorial: DIY Show Off)

4. Wooden Crate Garden Planter

Wooden Crate Garden Planter

Clean and modern design that will match any house. (Tutorial: Cherished Bliss)

5. Topsy Turvey Flower Planter

Topsy Turvey Flower Planter

A great addition to any home landscaping and it is really easy to do! (Tutorial via We Heart This)

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  • Patty Scott

    The Gloves outside hanger? I wouldn’t do that. I found all age groups of black widow spiders in my son’s boots from the wasp that stinks the to paralyzed them and then they place them in with their offspring’s mud cocoon homes. Or whatever they are called. The only way I knew it was by my son trying on his boots and felt hard things in his boots and when he removed his foot from the boot he could see the mud homes. I then hit or tapped very hard on the porch and watched as the baby widows and full grown widows fell out. They were paralyzed until the baby wasps were to be hatched to feed them. But just wanted to share that.

    • notorious

      Thanks for the nightmares, friend.

    • June

      You could put a dryer sheet in each one. Or a cotton ball with peppermint essential oil. Terrified of spiders and I use the dryer sheet trick for my motorcycle helmets.

  • Jen Caster

    I kinda liked the concrete globes. Those were pretty cool and you can move them around if you want….