16 Creative Bottle Cap Craft Ideas

We often throw the caps after opening the bottle, not knowing that bottle caps can be transformed into beautiful art pieces. Hence, we have gathered collection of 16 crafts that you can make with the use of bottle caps. From cool photo frames, playful jewelry, candle holders, to christmas ornaments and many more we show you the best uses for bottle caps. We hope that these creative ideas will definitely inspire you not to throw the caps, the next time you open a new bottle of beer or soda.

1. Bottle Cap Photo Frame Magnets

Bottle Cap Photo Frame Magnets

Make miniature photo frame magnets out of old bottle caps. (Tutorial: Craft and Creativity)

2. Bottle Cap Earrings

Bottle Cap Earrings

Turn bottle caps into playful jewelry. (Tutorial: Blog a la Cart)

3. Bottle Cap Owl

Bottle Cap Snow Owl

Use recycled bottle caps and buttons to make an adorable owl. (Tutorial: Think Crafts)

4. French Macaron Ornaments

French Macaron Ornaments

The cutest ornaments you could ever create out of bottle caps and spray paint! (Tutorial: I am a Homemaker)

5. Upcycled Neon Necklace

Upcycled Neon Necklace

Make an eco-friendly neon necklace using few bottle caps and fabric paint. (Tutorial: Maker Mama)

6. Beautiful Backsplash


Make this backsplash with your doodads, beads and bottle caps! (Tutorial: Mark Montano)

7. Upcycled Vintage Bottlecap Tray

Upcycled Vintage Bottlecap Tray

Make a fun tray with your collection of vintage bottle caps. (Tutorial: My So Called Crafty Life)

8. Bottle Cap Turkey Napkin Rings

Bottle Cap Turkey Napkin Rings

The perfect napkin ring for your Thanksgiving kids’ table. (Tutorial: The Country Chic Cottage)

9. Bottle Cap Spiders

Bottle Cap Spiders

Super fun and easy kids craft using bottle caps, pipe cleaners and wiggly eyes! (Tutorial: Live Laugh Rowe)

10. Canvas Checkerboard

Canvas Checkerboard

Making a portable checkerboard ensures your kids can play checkers almost anywhere. (Tutorial: Martha Stewart)

11. Bottle Cap Wind Chime

Bottle Cap Wind Chime

This clever idea will make a great addition to your garden. (Photo via Flickr)

12. Chic Bottlecap Table

Chic Bottlecap Table

Turn a simple table into chic looking by adding a super funky and cute bottle cap top. (Tutorial: My So Called Crafty Life)

13. Bottle Cap State Art

Bottle cap state art

This project is such a simple way to add color to your walls! (Tutorial: Beneath My Heart)

14. Bottle Cap Candles

bottle cap candles

Make decorative candles by recycling caps. (Tutorial: Craftaholics Anonymous)

15. Bottle Cap Letters

Bottle cap letters

Make Big Letters and decorate them with bottle caps. (Tutorial: Bottle Cap Co.)

16. Bottle Cap Birdhouse

Bottle cap birdhouse

Make this cheap and easy bottle cap bird house. (Tutorial: Kids Stuff World)

16 Creative Bottle Cap Craft Ideas

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  1. I love the recycled snowy owl cap and the Christmas ornaments! You can also turn them into pin-buttons or key chains! I think I want to collecting soda bottle caps and turning them into magnets, right side up! Such a great idea, so thanks for sharing.

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