16 Creative DIY Curtain Rods Ideas

16 Creative DIY Curtain Rods Ideas

Curtain rods are must-have in every home, because without them we can’t hang our beautiful window curtains. Usually they are mounted above the window and they really can add elegance to your bedroom or living room. They may also be used to add a personal touch to any room in your home to give it a real individual expression. So, check out these 16 DIY curtain rod ideas and design your own!

1. Rustic Branch Curtain Rod

Rustic Branch Curtain Rod

Add a natural touch to your decor by creating this rustic branch curtain rod.

Tutorial via Lifeovereasy

2. Industrial Pipe Curtain Rod

Industrial Pipe Curtain Rod

I love the look of this! Get the instructions at Get Rich or Diy Tryin’

3. Antique Brass Curtain Rods

antique brass curtain rods

It look so stylish and classy. What’s more ends are made of ping pong balls!

Full instructions at Shine Your Light Blog

4. Acrylic Drapery Rods With Plumbing Hardware

Gorgeous! They look like a million bucks. Tutorial at A Storied Style

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