18 Easy DIY Projects You Need to Try This Weekend

If you are thinking of staying at home this weekend and having a little bit of “me time” try one of these easy DIY projects to keep you entertained. We have gathered some of our favorite DIY projects that take an afternoon to a full weekend to complete. These DIY ideas are simple, easy-to-make and inexpensive, but in the same time they are awesome and they’ll help refresh your home. Don’t forget to share!

1. Make some wall art with a branch gallery

If usual photo frame gallery is too boring for you, build a branch gallery.

Full Tutorial: nur-noch.blogspot.de

2. Build your own vertical herb garden

Bring a little life into your kitchen. Full Tutorial: bobvila.com

3. Pegboard Wall Organizer

Help keep your accessories organized. Full tutorial: themerrythought.com

4. Make gorgeous and stylish branches

Use scrap paper and branches. Full Tutorial: everydaymomideas.com

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