30 Dollar Store Christmas Decor Ideas

21. Christmas Candle Holder Snow Globes

Christmas Candle Holder Snow Globes

Adorn your holiday table with these great Dollar Store candles. (Tutorial: Popsugar)

22. Make a North Pole Street Sign from a Dollar Store Solar Light

Make A Solar North Pole Street Light

(Tutorial: Dollar Store Crafts)

23. Dollar Store Bulb Wreath

Dollar Store Bulb Wreath

Make an ornament wreath using only ornaments and a wire hanger. (Tutorial: Six Sisters’ Stuff)

24. Ornament Garland

Ornament Garland

String several cheap ornaments onto ribbon, and hang the swag on a mantel or doorway. (Tutorial: Pretty Quirky)

25. Ribbon/Scrapbook Paper candles

Ribbon/Scrapbook Paper candles

Use ribbon/scrapbook paper to decorate candles. (Via: Imperfectly Beautiful)

26. Dollar Store Christmas Trees

Dollar Store Christmas Trees

Christmas trees from: plastic spoons, small ornament balls, garland and with candy. All made for under $5 each! (Tutorial: One Project Closer)

27. Dollar Store Christmas Tree of Presents

Dollar Store Christmas Tree of Presents

Make Christmas tree out of packages of presents that you can find at the dollar store. (Tutorial: Thrifty Rebel Vintage)

28. Wooden Snowman Spoons

Wooden Snowman Spoons

Perfect for decorate your kitchen for the holidays. (Tutorial: Eyeballs by Day Crafts by Night)

29. Jar Lid Ornaments

Jar Lid Ornaments

(Tutorial: No Time for Flash Cards)

30. Sock Wreath

Sock Wreath

It’s cheap to make but doesn’t look cheap! (Tutorial: FaveCrafts)

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  1. Fantastic! I’ll be doing several of these!

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