10 Backyard Projects for The Homestead

10 Backyard Projects for The Homestead

Homesteaders, gardeners, small farmers and outdoor living enthusiasts will love this collection of 10 backyard DIY projects that we’ve gathered today.

From a chicken coop and greenhouse, to a garden shed that will hold all your essential garden tools, you are sure to find something you will want to make this weekend. And no worries about breaking your bank because these projects are all use just basic tools and easy-to-find materials.

1. Chicken Coop

Chicken Coop for Less Than $50

Build a basic chicken coop for a small flock of birds from scratch for less than $50. (DIY instructions: Live Simply)

2. Fire Pit

Fire Pit Using Concrete Tree Rings

Build a warm, cozy fire pit by stacking tree rings and filling stones or pebbles in-between. Ideal for any time of the year. (Project details: Instructables)

3. Pallet Compost Bin

Pallet Compost Bin

Use a few pallets to build a great looking double bin system for under $15. (DIY instructions: Old World Garden Farms)

4. Firewood Rack

Firewood Rack

Make an outdoor firewood rack to stack and season your firewood. Total cost of this project is around $30. (DIY instructions: The BBQ Brethren)

5. Simple Shed from Scratch

Simple Shed from Scratch

Build the storage shed to store your tools, equipment, pots, planting soil, seeds, and more. (DIY instructions: Popular Mechanics)

6. PVC Chicken Pen

PVC Chicken Pen

Great project for keeping your backyard chickens happy and safe from predators. (DIY instructions: Simplified Building)

7. Rabbit Hutch From Wooden Pallets

Rabbit Hutch From Wooden Pallets

This rabbit hutch was made from 4 pallets, a roll of rabbit floor wire, wood screws, scrap plywood, a tarp, hinges, and a latch. (DIY instructions: Fmicrofarm)

8. Repurpose Old Tires Into Chicken Baths

Repurpose Old Tires Into Chicken Baths

Create an area for your chickens to enjoy luxurious dust baths. (Project details: Weed’em & Reap)

9. DIY Greenhouse

Build a Greenhouse

Adding a greenhouse to your homestead is a great way to grow food and various plants all year long. (DIY instructions: The Door Garden)

10. DIY Smokehouse

Build a Smokehouse

If you want to smoke your own meat, why not build yourself a smokehouse? It is a valuable investment if you plan to engage in this form of cooking frequently. (DIY instructions: Little Things)

Which of these cool homesteading projects will you be making? Tell us in the comments below!

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