15 Amazing DIY Art Projects To Dress Up Your Garden

15 Amazing DIY Art Projects To Dress Up Your Garden #gardening

There are many ways to beautify your garden. For example you can make some creative DIY art projects for your garden and make it look nicer. Fun and unique garden art can be made from the simplest, everyday items that normally would be tossed in the trash.

Here are 15 fantastic do-it-yourself garden art projects and ideas to add visual interest to your garden with a minimum of time, money and effort.

1. Bottle Cap Flower

Bottle Cap Flower

Turn old bottle caps into a darling flower for your garden. (Tutorial: Crafts by Amanda)

2. Butterfly Garden Ornament

Butterfly Garden Ornament

Create these lovely butterfly lawn ornaments with tin foil, glue, and paint. (Tutorial: BugabooCity)

3. Miniature Succulent Bird Cages

miniature succulent bird cages

They would be great for hanging in the garden. (Tutorial: Succulents and Sunshine)

4. Heart Shaped Stepping Stones

Heart Stepping Stone

Bring some fun and love to your garden with the help from these heart shaped stepping stones. (Tutorial: Craft Klatch)

5. Paper Bag Scarecrow

paper bag scarecrow

Protect your garden and decorate with a mini scarecrow. (Tutorial: Craft Project Ideas)

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