From Trash to Treasure: 8 DIY Craft Projects With Broken China

8 DIY Craft Projects With Broken China

Do you got broken china? Don´t throw it away! Just because there is a chip or a crack doesn’t mean it’s trash! There are some creative ways to repurpose them into something useful and beautiful. Check out these project ideas and get inspired!

1. Fridge Magnets

Fridge Magnets

Make some pretty fridge magnets out of broken china. (Tutorial via Nur Noch)

2. Broken China Flower Pot

Broken China Flower Pot

Glue broken china tiles onto terra cotta pots to create these eye-catching pieces. (Tutorial via BHG)

3. Broken China Mosaic Stepping Stone

Broken China Mosaic Stepping Stone

Use broken china pieces to create mosaic-patterned stepping stones to personalize your yard or garden path. (Tutorial via Over the Big Moon)

4. DIY Outdoor Mosaic Table

DIY outdoor mosaic table

Turn your table from a simple accessory into a statement piece! Cover its surface in a pretty mosaic of broken china dishes. (unknown source)

5. DIY Broken China Mosaic Birdhouse

Broken China Mosaic Birdhouse

Bring nature closer to your home by adding an eye-catching birdhouse to your garden. (Tutorial via Running with Sisters)

6. Earrings from Broken China

Earrings from broken china

Re-purpose old china pieces into beautiful and unique handmade jewellery creations. (Tutorial via Jovial Spondoodles)

7. Broken China Keychain

Broken China Keychain

Use the pieces of a broken cup, plate, or mug to make a unique keychain. (Tutorial via LilBlueBoo)

8. Watering can

Watering can

Create a fun mosaic watering can that you can use as a vase. (Tutorial via Practical Pages)

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