10 DIY Bedroom Nightstand Ideas

10 DIY Bedroom Nightstand Ideas

If you want to update your bedroom and make it look more interesting, you can start with the nightstands. There are so many ideas of how to make a beautiful nightstand without breaking the bank.

Here are several DIY projects that can inspire you to make your own nightstand. All you need are the right materials and some basic DIY skills.

1. Floating Nightstand

Floating Nightstand

This wall-mounted nightstand is a great space-saver, and includes a place for your phone and charger. (DIY instructions: The Merrythought)

2. Crate Nightstand

crate nightstand

Adorable, rusic nightstand built from two crates. Just put one crate down and then put the other on top of it. (More details: Learning Creating Living)

3. Reclaimed Wood Nightstand

Reclaimed Wood Nightstand

Repurpose old wood to create a rustic nighstand with drawer. (More details: Black Oak Vintage)

4. Chair Nightstand

Chair nightstand

An old chair can be a wonderful alternative to a typical nightstand. (From: Emmas Design blog)

5. Stylish Nightstand

Stylish Nightstand

This stylish nightstand can be the perfect addition to a richly decorated bedroom. (DIY instructions: CB and J)

6. Suitcase Nightstand

Suitcase Nightstand

Stack different sizes of suitcases to make a unique nightstand. (From: 17 Apart)

7. Pallet Nightstand

Pallet Nightstand

This pallet nightstand will give a warm, cosy, charming and more personal touch to any bedroom. (DIY instructions: Instructables)

8. Cheese Box Nightstand

cheese box nightstand

Another great way for creating an original and unique nightstand is by recycling old cheese boxes! (DIY instructions: Lax to Yvr)

9. Nightstand Suspended from the Ceiling

Nightstand suspended from the ceiling

This hanging table adds so much personality to the space while maintaining a minimal, fresh look. (DIY instructions at DIYs.com)

10. Modern Floating Nightstand

Modern floating nightstand

This gorgeous floating nightstand is made out of a single 1x8x8 board! I love the detail on the sides. (DIY instructions: My Love 2 Create)

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