15 Creative DIY Projects with Nail Polish

15 Creative DIY Projects with Nail Polish

Everyone knows that the primary use of nail polish is to decorate our nails. But there are also other ways to use nail polish for more than a manicure. Below you will find 15 incredibly cool DIY crafts using nail polish that anyone, at any age, can do! These projects are fun, easy and a great way to use up the polish that you don’t use anymore.

1. Bead Necklace

Bead Necklace

Make this chic geometric wood bead necklace in just one hour using nail polish and copper embellishments. (Tutorial via A Pretty Fix)

2. Marbled Mugs with Nail Polish

Marbled Mugs with Nail Polish

Make a set of marbled mugs with nail polish. They are bright, beautiful and totally creative! (Tutorial via DIY Candy)

3. Nail Polish Marbled Vase

Nail Polish Marbled Vase

Dress up a plain glass vase with paint and nail polish to create this beautiful marbled look. (Tutorial via Place of My Taste)

4. Marble Coasters

Marble Coasters

All you need for these cute DIY marbled coasters is some nail polish, plain white tiles, and a container with water! (Tutorial via Popcorn and Chocolate)

5. Marbleized Makeup Brushes

Marbleized Makeup Brushes

Marbleize some plain makeup brushes with nail polish! (Tutorial via A Bubbly Life)

6. DIY Phone Case

Phone Case

Use different colors of nail polish to decorate a plain phone case. (Tutorial via A Beautiful Mess)

7. Color Code Your Keys

Color Code Your Keys

Paint your keys in different colors by using nail polish so you’ll know which key is for what. (Tutorial via JewelPie)

8. Marbled Flower Pot

marbled flower pot

With just a bit of nail polish and water, create this super cute marbled flower pot. (Tutorial via Gina Michele)

9. Painted Neon Sandals

Painted Neon Sandals

Refashion your old sandals by adding the neon color using nail polish. (Tutorial via Love Maegan)

10. DIY Painted Sunglasses

Painted Sunglasses

Use a little bit of tape and nail polish to upgrade your boring sunglasses! (Tutorial via Pretty Life Girls)

11. DIY Nail Polish Colored Headphones

Nail Polish Colored Headphones

Make your headphones more personalized and stylish by painting them with the mixture of different colors of the nail polish. (Tutorial via Creme de la Craft)

12. Water Marble Ornaments

Water Marble Ornaments

Use nail polish to decorate your Christmas ornaments. (Tutorial via The Cheese Thief)

13. DIY Faux Crystals

Faux Crystals

Make your own Crystals at home using rocks, nail polish, & gold spray paint! (Tutorial via Love Maegan)

14. DIY Marbled Paper Art Using Nail Polish

Marbled Paper Art using Nail Polish

Easy and cheap artwork for your walls! (Tutorial via Mad in Crafts)

15. DIY Enameled Spoons

Enameled Spoons

These DIY enameled spoons are so easy and fun to make and require no experience or skill. They make a great hostess, housewarming, or engagement gift. (Tutorial via Moms & Crafters)

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