Learn How to Make Your Own Self Watering Planters with These Ideas

How to Make Your Own Self Watering Planters

I love planters because they’re a great way to take a little bit of garden and put it anywhere. What I dislike is keeping them hydrated.. it’s such a pain. But the soil in planters dries up so rapidly, that everyday watering is usually a must if you want to keep the plants alive. But, we have the solution – enter the self watering planter! Check out these 8 easy ways through which you can build yourself your own self watering planters.

Recycled glass self-watering planter

1. Recycled Glass Self Watering Planter – The key here is the cotton wick which draws moisture up to the plant roots. Tutorial: Design Sponge

Self watering container gardening

2. These wooden boxes have reservoirs underneath which are regularly topped up by from the water butt on the right. It’s simple yet effective idea. Get the instructions at Vertical Veg

Upside-Down Hanging Self-Watering

3. Make this upside-down planters and always keep the plants hydrated, especially during the peak of summer while producing fruit. Get the instructions at Instructables

Convert a Standard Planter to Self Watering Planter

4. Here is a terrific way to convert all of your planters into self-watering containers. Get the details at Bucolic Bushwick

A self-watering planter for under $10

5. At Real Life at Home you will learn how to make A self-watering planter for under $10.

Self Watering Basil Planter

6. This self-watering container can be used for many kinds of plants, but is really great for basil. Check how to make this self watering planter on ThriftyFun

Soda Bottle Drip Feeder for Garden Plants

Image Via: Sovetysadovodam

7. This one is for plants in ground or for a larger container or planter that needs a more constant water supply. Just insert the soda bottle into the space next to the root system of a plant. Fill the bottle with water from the top and the water will seep slowly through the holes in the bottle into the soil.

Self Watering Container out of Buckets

8. By using 2 big buckets and styrofoam cup, that will be used as water reservoir, you can create a simple, yet effective kind of self watering system. Get full instructions at Crestone Solar School

Do you use a self watering planter? What is your favorite plant to grow in it?

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