15 Insanely Clever Organizing Tricks and Storage Ideas

9. Desk Organizer

desk organizer

Turn empty soda bottles into a cool-looking and useful desk organizer. (Tutorial: Makezine)

10. Geometric Shoe Rack

geometric shoe rack

Messy shoes in closet? Make this space saving and sturdy cardboard shoe rack! (Tutorial: A Piece of Rainbow)

11. Make-up Magnet Board

Make-up Magnet Board

Show off (and finally organize!) your beauty stash with this easy-to-make magnetic board. (Tutorial: Laura Thoughts)

12. Marker Caddy

Marker Caddy

Need a little help to keep all your pens, markers and pencils organized? This easy DIY pencil holder is a great project to make with recycled toilet paper tubes. (Tutorial: Aunt Peaches)

13. Button Organization

button organization

Use plastic bottles or tubes (even pill bottles), to organize your buttons in a fun and easy way! (via Crafts Unleashed)

14. Organize your Spices with Mason Jars and Chalkboard Paper

Organize your spices with mason jars and chalkboard paper

A super simple idea that will have your kitchen clean and shining! (Tutorial: Darice Crafts)

15. Hanging Storage Bins

hanging storage bins

Make some hanging storage bins using old plastic containers! What a wonderful idea with so many possibilities. (Tutorial: Make it & Love it)

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