12 DIY Garden Trellis Plans, Designs and Ideas

5. Bike Rim Trellis

Bike Rim Trellis

Just use the bar and connect two of bike rims together. With one end placed in the ground, begin tying wire from one rim to the other. From: Suited to the Seasons

6. Affordable Garden Trellis

Affordable Garden Trellis

This project is very easy and only costs $6. Tutorial: Stephanie White

7. Trellis out of an Old Coat Rack

Trellis out of an Old Coat Rack

You can use it in some pot, or attach in to the roof. Tutorial: Sybil Alfano

8. Basic Wood Trellis

Basic Wood Trellis

Great project to gain some extra privacy in your backyard. Tutorial: Remove and Replace

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