20 Creative Storage Ideas For A Small Bathroom Organization

Whatever the size of your bathroom, you need some creative and practical storage ideas that suit your interior and the amount of space you own. By keeping your bathroom streamlined you’ll find things you need and get in and out in no time. Forget about hunting for an extra roll of toilet paper or searching through drawers for your tweezers.

Below you will find 20 creative storage ideas for a small bathroom organization. Enjoy!

1. Wall Mounted Jars

These wall mounted jars can hold so many things so you can keep your countertops uncluttered.

For the how-to, visit: thediyplaybook.com

2. Make a Towel Rack Using Copper Piping and a Wire Basket

It doubles as storage! Full Tutorial: ajoyfulriot.com

3. Use Your Shower Curtain for Storage

Nice Idea isn’t it? Great for shampoo and conditioner, or toys. Buy at Amazon.com

4. Create Accessory Hanger

Using parts purchased from your local hardware store! Tutorial: sparkandchemistry.com

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  1. A shelf over the door, a great idea, I’m gonna go for it, thanks.

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