15 Creative DIY Projects with Nail Polish

6. DIY Phone Case

Phone Case

Use different colors of nail polish to decorate a plain phone case. (Tutorial via A Beautiful Mess)

7. Color Code Your Keys

Color Code Your Keys

Paint your keys in different colors by using nail polish so you’ll know which key is for what. (Tutorial via JewelPie)

8. Marbled Flower Pot

marbled flower pot

With just a bit of nail polish and water, create this super cute marbled flower pot. (Tutorial via Gina Michele)

9. Painted Neon Sandals

Painted Neon Sandals

Refashion your old sandals by adding the neon color using nail polish. (Tutorial via Love Maegan)

10. DIY Painted Sunglasses

Painted Sunglasses

Use a little bit of tape and nail polish to upgrade your boring sunglasses! (Tutorial via Pretty Life Girls)

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