TOP 14 Most Creative Uses for Old Vinyl Records

TOP 14 Most Creative Uses for Old Vinyl Records

If you have a collection of the records in your basement which is resting under the layers of dust then its time to bring them out, dust them off and reuse them for some unique craft projects. From bowls and cake stands to clocks and coasters, check out these ideas on how to repurpose your vinyl records into creative and beautiful decorative pieces that will bring an elegant and vintage style to your home.

If you don’t have any vinyl records at home they are readily available at thrift stores and garage sales.

1. Vinyl Record Clock

Vinyl Record Clock

Make this simple vinyl clock using just an old record and clock mechanism. (Tutorial via Blah Blah Magazine)

2. Magazine Holder

Magazine Holder

Keep your magazines nice and tidy by making this simple DIY magazine rack. (Tutorial via Morena’s Corner)

3. Vinyl Record Bowl

Vinyl Record Bowl

Turn an old vinyl record into a decorative bowl. A great piece to add to your decor, or use to store your jewelry, keys, and other small items.  (Tutorial via The Surznick Common Room)

4. Vinyl Record Book

Vinyl Record Book

This book would make a beautiful guest book or birthday gift for a music lover. (Tutorial via Homemade Ginger)

5. Vinyl Record Cake Stand

Vinyl Record Cake Stand

Different sized records stacked together make a great dessert stand. (Tutorial via Bubby and Bean)

6. Record Wall Photobooth

Record Wall Photobooth

Hang your vinyl on the wall for a super-simple photo backdrop. (Tutorial via Lovely Indeed)

7. Broken Record Ombre Wall Art

Broken Record Ombre Wall Art

Break apart an old scratched record and mount it on a canvas to make an unique decoration. (Tutorial via Tattooed Martha)

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