GET ORGANIZED! 13 Awesome Ideas to Organize Your Clothes

If you have a lot of clothes or just a lot of mess, it can be hard to reclaim your closet and drawers and get organized. A good organized closet can bring forth euphoric joy and a sense of relief at finally finding that long-lost jacket or favorite pair of jeans.

So today I decide to present you 13 great DIY organizing projects that will instantly help you to save space and time. You will find everything you need to organize your home and your life. Enjoy organizing!

1. Organize Your Scarves using a Cloth Hanger and Shower Rings

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2. Use Drink Can Tabs to Connect Hangers


3. Use PVC pipe inside a drawer to organize scarves and ties


4. Glue Clothespins to Your Closet Door for Tidy Tights Storage

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