TOP 14 Most Creative Uses for Old Vinyl Records

8. Vinyl Coasters

Vinyl Coasters

Adorn your coffee table with these beautiful vinyl record coasters. (Tutorial via Morning Creativity)

9. Vinyl Record Bookends

Vinyl Record Bookends

Melt old vinyl records into an L shape and sit your books on top. (Tutorial via Amylulita)

10. Use Vinyl Records as Placemats

Vinyl Record Placemats

These retro placemats protect your table like regular ones but oh do they look stylish. (Image via HiConsumption)

11. Vinyl Record Flowers

Vinyl Record Flowers

Make a whole bunch of these, and put them in a vase in your living room. (Tutorial via Record Pressing)

12. Vinyl Record Table Lamp

Vinyl Record Table Lamp

Brighten up any room with this original desk lamp. (Tutorial via Impatiently Crafty)

13. Record Side Table

Record Side Table

Old plant stand + old LP record = new end table. (Tutorial via The Flourishing Abode)

14. Earring Holder

Earring Holder

Convert an old vinyl record into a cool, vintage earring holder that is functional as well as decorative. (Tutorial via Craftbits)

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